# The results

All published results must be accompanied with details identifying the event(s), and athlete(s) or team(s). Each athlete/team should have a unique id, name/team name, country/club, and, for team events, names of the athletes competing the event published with their results.

Scores that are used as multiplication factors should preferably be written as a percentage and not as a factor, it is advised to write for example 10%-10 \% rather than 0.90.9 and +17%+17 \% rather than 1.171.17.

# Unofficial results

Prior to results being verified and authorized, some results may be published as unofficial scores. These are unofficial scores and not finalized until results are officially published and announced. It is not required to publish unofficial results and all variables are optional.

For speed events, the result (RR) and rank (SS) may be published.

For freestyle events, the result (RR), difficulty score (DD), presentation score (PP), deduction score (MM), required elements score (QQ), and rank (SS) may be published.

For overall and all-arounds, the result for each component event (RR), normalised score for each event (NN), total normalised score (BB), rank for each component event (SS), rank sum (TT), and total rank (SS) may be published.

# Official results

After all verifications have been made, the results can be published. These should include everything listed under unofficial results with the difference that only NN and BB are optional (they must be published if a tie had to be resolved in that Overall or All-Around category)

Last Updated: 2023-03-01