IJRU Competition Rules


Judging Manual

Contains how to judge each event.


Competition Manual

Contains how to run each event.


Technical Manual

Contains scoring calculations and specifications.


Since October 2018, the IJRU Technical Committees has been hard at work trying to create a new set of rules for rope skipping. While much of the ideas might be familiar to you from FISAC-IRSF's and WJRF's rule books a lot of the rules are new. As best as we can we have tried to recognise weaknesses and strong areas in those incoming rule sets and compare it to your feedback weighed with our history as a sport. We hope that you have followed our blog at ijru.sport (opens new window) during this process. If you haven't please give it a read, we have tried to give detailed explanations for the rules in this rule book and why we have decided upon them.

This first major version update to the rules marks an important milestone. For the first time the IJRU Technical Congress, which represent our member NGB's, have had a chance to vote on the rule changes in an effort to ensure the rules IJRU develop align with the best interest of our community. Moving forward IJRU believe that the Technical Congress will become an integral component in the development of new rules.

This revision is also a result of the new Technical Committees structure and members. IJRU wishes to thank the members of the inaugural Technical Committee for the countless hours they dedicated to unite two rulesets in preparation for IJRU 2020, with a special thank you to those who chose to not continue their engagement with the Technical Committees. IJRU also has the pleasure to welcome several members from the inaugural Technical Committees back and would like to express our gratitude for both new and continuing members dedication.

# Official version

Prior to a tournament, the Tournament Director will designate the official version of the Rule Book for use in the tournament. This will be the official version used in the competition and will be used to resolve any questions or disputes. For IJRU world championships, the current version of the IJRU rulebook will be used.

# Version numbering

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION, increments are made as follows

  1. MAJOR version when rules are added, removed, or modified in a way that is incompatible with the previous version,
  2. MINOR version when rules are added, removed or modified in a way that clarifies the intended meaning of the rules in a backwards compatible way (you can still compare results from previous competitions and only minor updates are required for judges), and
  3. REVISION version when style changes are made to the rules, such as correcting typographical errors.

In addition to this, drafts and pre-releases might be marked with the suffixes draft and pr and a version number for these stages resulting in MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION-draft.VERSION and MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION-pr.VERSION where VERSION is a whole number greater than 0. Changes from suffix-less to draft version, draft to draft version, draft to pr, and pr to draft version may be MAJOR-, MINOR- or REVISION-level changes. Changes from pr to pr version may only be REVISION-level changes. Changes from pr to suffix-less versions can’t include any content changes.

There should be a copy of the rule book with changes highlighted accompanying the publication of any version of the rulebook. For draft and pr version this should show the changes compared to the previous pr, draft or suffix-less version, in that priority order. For suffix-less versions of the rulebook changes should be highlighted compared to the last suffix-less version.