# Standards

# Competition area

The competition floor should be a high quality, wooden sprung or cushioned sports floor.

All competition areas must be measured from the outside edge of the boundary.

The boundaries of the competition area will be marked with well-defined lines. The colour of these marks should be a clear contrast from the floor and other pre-existing marks on the floor.

There should be a 2-meter margin between each competition field.

# Freestyle field

Freestyle fields are 12×12-meter squares.

# Show freestyle field

Show freestyle fields will be dependent on the size of the venue, a minimum of 16×24-meters are recommended. The available space should be communicated well in advance.

# Speed and multiples field

Speed and multiples stations are 5×5-meter squares.

# Coach’s box

A 1×1-meter coach’s box will be placed outside each speed and freestyle field and positioned at one of the corners.

One of the four sides of the coach’s box must be a part of the freestyle field or speed field’s side.

The coach’s box should not block the view of the judges or video-replay cameras.

Example with one freestyle field containing four four speed fields, this can be extended in all directions

# Equipment and uniforms

# Ropes

Ropes can generally be of any length.

The number of ropes allowed in the competition field is limited in all events except show freestyle. For Single Rope and Wheel events the number of ropes must not be greater than the number of athletes in the event. For Double Dutch a maximum of one set of ropes (2 ropes make a set) is allowed. Exceptions from this rule can be made in case of a recompete as detailed in the Judging Manual.

# Props

No props or special equipment other than that which is attached to the body during the whole routine may be used to add to the presentation and/or the degree of difficulty of the routine. Jewellery is allowed at the athlete’s discretion and at their own risk.

# Uniform

Supportive athletic shoes must be worn. If an athlete loses a shoe during a routine, no skills will be scored whilst the athlete doesn’t wear their shoes.

# Music

Music should be no longer than the allowed max time of the event it is used for, if not the music will be cut off at the length of the event. The time of the music is measured from the start of the audio file, not from the first audible signal.

At the allowed max time of the event a soft-BEEP (defined in the Technical Manual) will be inserted.

Music should generally be submitted in advance; however, the athletes should be able to provide a USB with their music in case of a music failure. The ability to test the music before the competition should be provided.

Last Updated: 2023-03-01