# Judging Manual

The Judging Manual (JM), defines rules concerning the judging of all different events of all IJRU competitions.

It is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Judging speed and multiples events
  • Judging freestyle events
  • Judging show freestyle events

This manual is meant for judges, coaches and athletes to understand and execute the IJRU rules in a correct way.

# Judge expectations and code of ethics

Judges should:

  • Ensure that the actions of the athletes follow the rules. In fulfilling this task, the official must establish the best possible climate for fair competition with the attention on the athletes.
  • Maintain Judges Certification.
  • Participate in the online continuing education within the IJRU training portal.
  • Watch routines on videotape or at their local team’s practices and analyse them as if you were a judge.
  • Practice clicking speed and identifying deductions.
  • Be very familiar with and knowledgeable about all rules and procedures as described in the most current IJRU Rule Book.
  • Become confident and comfortable with the responsibilities of all judging positions for which they are assigned.
  • Be very familiar and confident in following through the competition procedures set forth by the IJRU.
  • Be familiar enough with the judging system and scoring collection method to be able to score routines quickly as well as accurately, to keep tournaments running smoothly.
  • Always be punctual, pleasant, and polite while judging.
  • Be impartial. Avoid coaching or cheering for any certain competitor or competitors.
  • Be friendly with their fellow judges but refrain from any comments or discussion while judging.
  • Attend all judges’ meetings prior to the competition they are judging at as required by the Tournament Director.
  • Look professional. In most cases, an official judging shirt will be provided.
    • If not, judges should wear a plain, black shirt free of logos.
    • They should wear black pants, shorts, or skirt when judging.
    • They should make sure there are no markings on any piece of clothing or on them that can identify them as being affiliated with any team or competitor.
    • Wear athletic shoes, no flip-flops, sandals, or bare feet.
  • Personal cell phone use is not allowed while judging. No videoing is allowed from the judging table.
  • The conduct of each judge affects the public’s attitude toward all judges. Therefore, every judge must uphold the honour, integrity and dignity of the role.
Last Updated: 2023-03-01