# Judging speed and multiples

Judges will count the jumps of each athlete from the beginning to the end of each speed and multiples event, using an IJRU-approved device.

Head Judges are responsible for:

  • All communication at a station. This includes communication with the tournament director, athlete(s), and coaches.
  • Showing the athlete(s) where the camera is in the station (if video replay is being used)
  • Checking that the correct athlete is at their station before the event starts.
  • Reporting false starts and false switches after confirming that a majority of judges agree a false start or switch has occurred.

Head Judges may communicate an approximate, unofficial score to the athlete.

If 2 of the 3 judges scores differ by more than 3 for a speed or multiples event, the head judge must record the scores on the score sheet and immediately notify the tournament director, prior to the start of the next heat.

Where scores are not automatically collected from each judge by electronic means, or in the case of an electronic system failure in use, it is the Head Judge’s responsibility to record the exact number shown on all the station’s judges’ approved devices onto a scoresheet. The head judge may record 1 less than the number shown on the judges’ devices if the judge communicates that in accordance with the rules in this chapter.

The speed judges are called S - Speed Judge and H - Head Judge.

Last Updated: 2023-03-01